Wanna learn improv from the best improv troupe in Orange County?

Now's your chance to learn "Improv 101" from the guys who brought you "Shyamalan", "Argubeast" and "Wipe My Butt" (Need I say more?).

Improv Shmimprov been around for 14 years and counting. We perform throughout the US and across international waters.  Come learn the basics or tune up your skills. Improv is an essential skill that will help you with your social life, professional life, and love life.

Have people already been telling you how funny you are? Come master your powers.

Have people been telling you how unfunny you are? Come prove them wrong.

Join instructors Nathan Makaryk, Drew Boudreau, and a host of guest Shmimprovers in this exciting 6-week improv course.

More Classes Coming Soon